About Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital

We're a Centralized Hospital

A centralized hospital is simply a coordination and collaboration of quality, essential medical services.

In 1968, Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital was established with that goal in mind — to provide necessary advanced care options for your animals, including emergency and 24-hour care. Modeled after the human medical concept, Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital (MVH) allowed affiliated doctors the ability to offer a level of care not previously available on a local level. Today, Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital provides affiliated general practitioners the ability to offer, as part of their local practice, the benefits of a large, state-of-the-art hospital:

  • Advanced surgical suites
  • 24-hour intensive care
  • Superior diagnostic imaging
  • Consultation on cases with specialists
  • In-house regional diagnostic laboratory

What does that mean for you? Take the case of Fluffy, for instance, a middle-aged dog who was brought to her MVH-affiliated veterinarian for vomiting. After a thorough physical exam is performed at the office, her veterinarian notes that more extensive testing may be needed. Referred to the hospital, Fluffy's MVH-affiliated general veterinarian would still oversee her case, possibly ordering hospitalization with intravenous fluids, laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging. If necessary, her MVH-affiliated veterinarian could call on the expertise of one or more of the many board-certified specialists practicing in the hospital. Fluffy's veterinarian is able to offer her superior diagnosis and care because he's part of a centralized hospital.

We're a Teaching Hospital

As a teaching hospital, we strive to remain up-to-date with the latest in research, diagnosis and treatment. Sharing learned wisdom and nurturing an environment that esteems quality, specialization and experience, we aim to consistently raise the level of patient care within our four walls and throughout the nation.
Internship Opportunities

24/7 Emergency Services & Intensive Care

Our staff of emergency veterinarians and highly trained technical personnel offer state-of-the-art diagnostic tests and treatments to accommodate any trauma or illness.

1053 S. Cleveland-Massillon Rd.,
Akron, OH 44321
Phone: 330-666-2976
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