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Patient Stories

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Owner: Rosemarie Kurtz

pic-avimp-PSMadeline"Since Metro opened in 1968, I've been taking my many pets through the years there for both emergency and specialty vet services. It has been such a comfort to me and my family to have such a wonderful facility so close to us. Dr. Carothers and her staff have been in recent years providing care for our 10 year old dog, Madeline, who has a thyroid condition. Through periodic visits to monitor her meds and progress, Madeline's condition has been regulated by Dr. Carothers and those working with her at Metro. We are thankful to have Metro in our area."
- Rosemarie Kurtz, Owner

“I first met Rosemarie and Joan in the early 1990s with Stash (a wonderful mix breed) and several kitties. The current family includes Gracie (a12 year old DSH) and Madeline (a 10yr old mixed husky). Gracie and Madeline are special girls. Gracie is a beautiful gray cat and usually travels with her sister Madeline. Madeline is shy, but loves to travel to Florida where she runs the beaches. Everyone always enjoys seeing this special family. These are some of our favorite patients at AVIMP."
- Dr. Carothers


Owner: Joan Sheplin

pic-avimp-success-Gracie"Our cat, Gracie, who is 12 years old was diagnosed with having a pre-renal condition a few years ago. Dr. Carothers, through some dietary restrictions and modifications and innovative supplementation and meds has been able to stabilize Gracie's condition so she enjoys a good quality of life. Your hospital and veterinary specialists and urgent care have been a blessing to us on so many occasions, not just with Gracie but with other pets we now have or have had over the years. We are truly fortunate to have Metro so close to where we live, but we'd drive any distance to have the care your staff provides. "
- Joan Sheplin, Owner


Owners:Dennis and Judy Linville

pic-avimp-success-Boomer"Our Bengal cat, Boomer, was in very serious condition when we were referred to Metropolitan. A team of doctors at the hospital quickly diagnosed Boomer's situation and began implementing a course of treatment immediately. With every succeeding visit to Metro our confidence in Boomer's recovery grew and grew. Over the course of several months, the doctors and their assistants administered round after round of treatments and surgeries until Boomer was completely healed. They told us that Boomer may never re-grow the fur on his chest and stomach but as you can see from his photo, even his fur has grown back. He is now a healthy and very active cat and we can't thank the doctors and staff from Metro enough."
- Dennis and Judy Linville, Owners

“Boomer” Linville came to us for evaluation of severe ventral skin necrosis and panniculitis. When hospitalized he was placed on IV fluids and given pain medication. The affected areas had to be clipped and cleaned. Skin biopsies were obtained to confirm the diagnosis. Boomer withstood many sedations and wound debridements just like many human burn patients. He endured many visits to Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital for continued wound care. Even though the healing was a slow process he made it! “Boomer” was a trooper throught this ordeal and remains a very special kitty!"
- Dr. Carothers


Owner: Marge Skinner

pic-avimp-success-Penny"Penny was diagnosed with malignant multi-centric lymphoma in 2000, when she was 3 years old. How fortunate that Metro Hospital is so close. I have no doubt, Dr. Gamblin and his oncology treatment, saved her life. The subsequent re-checks, cardiology and ophthalmology services were always professional with compassion and caring for the both of us. I so appreciate the extra nearly 8 years I spent with my dear friend."
- Marge Skinner, Owner

“Penny” Skinner was only 4 years old when she was diagnosed with lymphoma by her veterinarian, Dr. Michelle Messner of Wadsworth. She began chemotherapy in 2000, under my supervision. To say she did well is an understatement!! Despite relapses of her cancer and cardiac complications of chemotherapy, Penny was always a fighter, living a great quality of life until finally losing her battle in early 2007. While we would love to take the credit for her long survival, her owner Marge is certainly the one who deserves it!! We will miss you greatly, Penny!"
- Dr. Rance M. Gamblin (Oncologist)


Owners: Sandy and Richard

pic-avimp-success-Roma"We were filled with tears and speechless as we sat in our hotel room in Sintra, Portugal. We had just called our vet to get the test results and found out that our three-year-old Golden, Roma, had lymphoma. This tragedy came just three months after suddenly losing our 10-year old Golden, Autumn, to a tumor on her heart. As soon as we could collect our thoughts, we knew we had to bring her to Metropolitan. They had helped us keep an earlier Golden alive for two years with a kidney ailment and have treated all of our dogs with such expertise and sensitivity. Dr. Gamblin and his team at Metropolitan did it again, but this time with
even more amazing results. Roma was given one to two years to live by our vet and Dr. Gamblin. She is now 9 and doing well. The chemotherapy worked wonders and the compassionate care at Metropolitan has enabled Roma to become young again, run, sniff her way around our neighborhood, and train our younger Golden how to be a good dog!"
- Richard Boyatzis,Owner

“Roma” Boyatzis was only three years old when her veterinarian, Dr. Joe Farkas of South Euclid, referred her to Dr. Gamblin with a diagnosis of multicentric lymphoma. While we all had concerns with such a serious disease at such a young age, she has done amazingly well for more than six years! She was gradually tapered off chemotherapy and has had surgery for a couple of unrelated tumors in that time frame. We often have Boyatzis family schedule appointments just so we can see Roma’s happy self, even if she isn’t sick!"
- Dr. Rance M. Gamblin (Oncologist)


Owner: Father John

pic-avimp-success-Snickers"God gives us so many gifts. Snickers is a gift He gave to me twice – the first time as a pup – the second time when she was less than ten years old. My local vet, Dr. Gary Klein, told me she had cancer. He suggested that I should take her to Dr. Rance Gamblin at Metropolitan Veternary Hospital in Copley, Ohio. Dr. Gamblin said he had had good luck with that type of cancer for up to two years – and that was nearly four years ago. Snickers is a gift that keeps on giving. She is now in remission. Thank God and Dr. Gamblin."
- Father John Nentwick, Owner

“Snickers” Nentwick, a very personable Lab mix belonging to Father John Nentwick of Navarre, was first seen by AVIMP in February of 2004. Her family veterinarian, Dr. Gary Klein of Stark Animal Hospital, had found increased proteins on pre-surgical lab work and referred her to Dr. Gamblin for additional diagnostics and treatment. Special blood tests and bone marrow biopsy proved the diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a relatively uncommon form of bone marrow cancer. However, with a combination of chemotherapy, good owner care, and some help from the Lord above, Snickers has done well for more than three years. In that time, she actually developed a second type of cancer that was well controlled with surgery. Her lab work looks great and she certainly doesn’t act her age (13 years old!)."
- Dr. Rance M. Gamblin (Oncologist)


Owners: Debbie and Bob Celli

pic-avimp-success-Millie"After being intimidated by another oncologist who led me to believe that Millie’s fate was grim, if I didn’t sign up for expensive treatments immediately, my husband and I met with Dr. Gamblin. He took us out from under a cloud of doom to a ray of great hope. He gave us as much time as we needed to understand the situation and answered our every question. Dr. Gamblin has a calm, confident manner that is invaluable in moments of stress. Thank you, Dr. Gamblin, for taking such good care of Millie for the last four years!"
- Debbie Celli, Owner

Millie” Celli was seen as a second opinion for the treatment of mast cell tumor in September of 2003. Since then Millie has been successfully treated for several mast cell tumors and a soft tissue sarcoma with the proper application of surgery, not to mention repair of both cranial cruciate ligaments. She is a true pleasure and loved by everyone at the hospital. The Celli family is extraordinary in their own right, establishing “Millie’s Million” a support group for owners of pets with cancer. Their site provides plenty of useful information for pet owners grappling with the hard decisions involved in cancer treatment. Visit them on the web at www.milliesmillion.com.


Owner: Marie and Ben Domanski

pic-avimp-success-Gretel"At seven weeks old, Gretie was a treasure from the day we brought her home. She delighted us, guarded us and loved us. Shortly before she turned five, we feared that she was going to be a lost treasure as she was diagnosed with lymphoma on January 1, 2004. Thankfully Dr. Thorp referred her to Dr. Gamblin who explained our options for treatment. He explained that life expectancy was anywhere from a couple of months to unknown years. With exceptionally loving, state of the art professional care from Dr. Gamblin, Dr. Carothers, Laura, Maggie, Saundra, Michelle and others at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, Gretie was diagnosed as cancer free a few months ago. She is monitored every six weeks to be sure the cancer has not returned. We still have our treasure-Gretie continues to delight, guard and love us. We are ever so grateful for the care she received from Dr. Gamblin, all his staff and everyone at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital."
- Marie and Ben Domanski, Owners

“Gretel” Domanski is a very fun-loving Doberman owned by Marie Domanski of Richfield. Gretel was diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma in January of 2005 and started chemotherapy with Dr. Gamblin shortly thereafter. She has been going strong ever since, and has recently been weaned off all therapy. She is a true pleasure to work with, and is very fortunate to have some of the most dedicated owners we know!"
- Dr. Rance M. Gamblin (Oncologist)


Owner: Jim Perelman

pic-avimp-success-Lady"I attribute a lot of Lady's luck and fortune to Dr. Marcia Carothers. She was very thorough in her evaluation of Lady's Osteosarcoma and awfully compassionate. Her care, along with Dr. Padgett and Laura, was thorough and precise and I can't begin to thank them for the wonderful times that they've given Lady and I. The office staff was always kind and cheerful whenever we'd come for our appointments and Lady of course was talkative back to them!!! Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is a first class organization who provides excellent care to the animals of Summit and surrounding counties. I consider myself lucky to be a client!"
- Jim Perelman, Owner

“Lady” Perelman is a very energetic happy Labrador Retriever. Her owner Jim brought her to see Dr. Carotherss of AVIMP in April of 2006 for evaluation of osteosarcoma in her right front leg. In May of 2006 Dr. Padgett of Ohio Veterinary Surgery and Neurology performed an amputation of her right front leg. Lady recovered very well and started receiving chemotherapy treatments soon after her surgery. She completed her chemotherapy treatments in July of 2006. Lady continues to do very well and currently lives in Delray Beach, Florida, where she enjoys swimming and the warm weather."
-Laura Messerly (Oncology Technician)