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Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital


We understand the trusted relationship that our referring partners have with their clients. As an extension of the primary care services provided at your practice – Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing clear updates about referrals and records. By accessing our referral portal, your team will have access to the most up-to-date information about your patients and their treatment at MVH.

Referral Portal Frequently Asked Questions

I am receiving error messages when trying to log in.

Please check to see if your internet browser is up-to-date. If the error continues, please reach to our software specialist at 330-666-2976 or [email protected] 

Am I able to update a referral that has been submitted?

Yes, go to the Patient Referrals tab, click on Edit, and update the form with any additional information. Once the referral has been resubmitted, we will be notified of the update. 

Am I able to send multiple documents at once?

Yes! You can attach multiple PDFs and/or dicom images/studies; however, each must be added one at a time. 

Am I able to upload documents and/or images the portal?

Yes! You can attach and upload PDF records and/or dicom image/study from your computer.

How do I submit a referral through the portal for a patient who has been seen previously?

Open the patients record by clicking on Show, go to Refer Patient, then go directly to Step 5 on the Refer Patient window. Complete required information designated by an “*” and click on Submit when finished. 

How do I submit a referral through the portal for a client/patient that has not been seen at Metro before?

Click on Refer Patient then go directly to step 5 to complete the form in its entirety and click on Submit when finished.

It’s been longer than six months, how can I obtain my patient’s past medical information?

Please give us a call at 330-666-2976, we can fax or email the patient’s medical record(s) to you. 

How long will patient information be available on the portal?

Patient records are viewable on the portal for six months from first upload from our PMS. 

Am I able to download multiple documents at once?

Unfortunately, no. This option is not available at this time. 

Am I able to download patient information from the portal?

Definitely. On the document you want to download or print, click on Open. When the PDF opens, click on either the download button or print button in the upper left-hand corner of the document window. 

I am unable to open a patient document within the portal or it says pending.

Please give us a call at 330-666-2976, so we can ensure the document is available and can send it to you.