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Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital


Our Internship Program is designed to prepare participants for entrance into a Residency, Specialty Internship program, or a career in a fast-paced quality private practice. Our Internship Program will expose the participant to a wide range of cases and practice styles. Intern responsibilities include primary case management of emergency and specialty cases, as well as assisting in diagnostics and therapeutics for hospitalized cases on all rotations.


Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is a progressive, 24-hour emergency and referral center, plus a central hospital for 10 Primary Care practices in the area. We offer Emergency, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Avian/Exotic practice, Feline I131 Therapy, Primary Care, Ophthalmology and Critical Care services. Rotations in Dermatology, Shelter Medicine and Zoo/Wildlife are also available upon request. Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital’s broad services and central hospital component creates a complete and well-rounded Internship of specialty and primary care experience.

With leading-edge technology at the forefront of our facility, we offer the following advanced equipment: an in-house reference lab (IDEXX), ultrasound, echocardiography, and digital radiography, fluoroscopy, Vimago, CT, MRI, radioactive Iodine therapy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, bronchoscopy, rhinoscopy, ECG, telemetry, and critical care monitoring equipment.

At Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, we focus on teaching our Interns through multiple didactic rounds each week. Additionally, we offer multiple journal clubs, grand rounds, clinical pathology conferences, and resident-level courses. As part of the program, Interns are required to prepare a clinical pathology presentation, a technician CE presentation, a grand round presentation, and encouraged to submit a publication to a peer-reviewed journal.

The Intern’s schedule is flexible and customizable, in line with your area of interest. Elective weeks are scheduled to allow further concentration in the Intern’s area of primary clinical interest. These rotations can be onsite or offsite at a place of your choice.

In addition to our top pay, the hospital will provide a portion of medical insurance, a uniform allowance, a continuing education stipend, and reimbursement for Ohio licensure. Interns will have 5 days for job and Internship/Residency interviews, as well as up to 5 days to pursue continuing education outside of the hospital.

Contact our Internship-Externship Administrator, Jeni Smith, at (330) 666-2976 Ext 347