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Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital

Critical Care

This service is offered at our Cleveland East location.

At Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital we strive to provide the gold standard of veterinary care. This means having the best tools and doctors to treat your pet, especially when your pet is experiencing a life-threatening emergency.

At Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, we are very proud to have 2 board-certified Critical Care Specialists on staff. These specialists have completed 4 years of intensive training (in addition to veterinary school) to be able to handle the most life-threatening emergencies of all types. Our critical care specialists handle our sickest hospitalized patients and are also on-call 24/7 to assist our emergency doctors, ICU nurses, and other specialists if a routine case becomes more critical. Once a case is stabilized, it may be transferred to another specialist at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, or back to your primary veterinarian for ongoing care.

Examples of ICU care and monitoring we can provide:

  • Multiple types of blood transfusions

  • Trauma and post-operative care

  • Advanced IV fluid therapy and blood pressure support for sepsis and metabolic emergencies

  • Intralipid therapy for certain toxicities

  • Peritoneal dialysis in the case of severe kidney failure or certain toxicities

  • Urinary catheter and central venous IV catheter placement

  • Advanced respiratory support for breathing problems including routine oxygen support (cage and nasal cannula), high-flow nasal oxygen therapy, and mechanical ventilation

  • Nutritional support including IV nutrition and feeding tubes

  • Extensive monitoring capabilities including continuous EKG, non-invasive and arterial blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry

  • 24/7 access to in-house lab testing and imaging including blood gas, coagulation, CBC/Chemistry, x-rays, ultrasound, and CT scan