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Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Daye Performing Surgery on Gazelle at Akron Zoo

Two doctors looking forward

Gondar, a male Speke’s gazelle, at the Akron Zoo recently broke his leg. A broken leg is a very serious injury for gazelles, who have a lot of weight and pressure placed on a very small area of their feet. For the first week after Gondar’s injury, he had a splint to protect his leg. Dr. Mark Daye, surgeon at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, and his team performed surgery to repair the fracture. This consisted of placing something called an external ring fixator, which will help stabilize his leg as it heals. The recovery process will take around four months, and Gondar has a long and uncertain road ahead of him. He is currently doing well and is eating and moving around. Check out the video featuring Dr. Daye performing the surgery on Gondar!