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Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital

Feeding Tube Instructions

Roma has a feeding tube placed in the esophagus. This tube was placed so that we can give her nutrition. This tube is usually very well tolerated by animals, but occasionally problems may arise. Please follow the guidelines below. If you have any problems or questions, please give us a call.

Care of the tube:

  1. Keep the tube covered.

  2. Keep the end of the tube plugged with the cap provided.

  3. Check the skin area where the tube is placed daily for drainage.

  4. Always flush the tube with 15cc's of water any time food or medication is administered through the tube.

Feeding Instructions:

  1. Mix Hill's AD or Iams Chicken formula with enough water (approximately 1/4 can of water to one can of AD) to make the mixture soupy enough to get through the stomach tube, or you may blend canned food (one can of food to 1 1/2 cans of water) and strain with a wire mesh to make a liquid mixture. You can refrigerate this mixture for one week.

  2. Follow the feeding schedule below:

    Day 1 (today) Give 15 cc's food mixture every four-six hours until bedtime.

    Day 2 (tomorrow) Give 15 cc's food mixture every four-six hours until bedtime.

    Day 3 Give 20 cc's food mixture every four-six hours until bedtime.

    Day 4 Give 25 cc's food mixture every six hours until bedtime.

    Day 5 Give 30 cc's food mixture every eight hours until bedtime.

    Day 6 and after Give 35 cc's food mixture every 6-8 hours until bedtime.

  3. Warm the food to room temperature, and then inject the food through the tube over 15- 30 minutes.

  4. After feeding, flush the tube with 15cc's of water and replace the plunger. This step is very important to prevent the tube from becoming clogged with food.

Monitor for vomiting and diarrhea. If vomiting occurs, decrease the volume of food to the previous day's amount. If vomiting continues despite decreasing the volume or if vomiting is severe, please call us.

Liquid medications may also be given through the tube. Tablets may be crushed to a fine powder, mixed with water or food and given through the tube. Remember to flush with 15cc's of water after medication is given!